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personal training session
personal training session
personal training session

"I first started looking for a personal trainer over a year ago- I have a heavy work schedule but also spend much of my time in the car traveling to appointments-all this meant I was gaining weight and becoming extremely unfit. This also meant attending a regular work out class was nigh on impossible.

Since meeting Koen I am now fitter and more energetic- he has been able to devise a workout routine that suits me personally, keeping me motivated as well as encouraging me to do more exercise generally. I have 2 personal training sessions with Koen every week, he is always very flexible with arrangements and is able to find times to suit my rather erratic working day.

Due to his in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition, I am eating more healthily and now have a more balanced approach to my food choices.

I find Koen calm, patient, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He uses humour well to encourage me even on my more reluctant days! Thanks to his support I was able to complete the Moonwalk marathon in March this year-a great personal achievement and an event I wouldn't have dreamt of taking part in a year ago :)"

Linda, Horsham


"Two years ago following an illness I developed autoimmune disease. Along with asthma, I became diabetic and was having to inject insulin twice a day. My weight rocketed and I felt depressed and exceptionally tired. Gyms are not for me but I knew I had to get fit, lose the weight and quick! It is also very important to keep a good exercise regime if you have a chronic condition. A personal trainer was the option I chose and I found Koen on the internet. The best thing about having a personal trainer is there is no excuse not to exercise unlike the gym when there is always a reason why you can't go!

Koen realised my capabilities, devised a gentle introduction to exercise which we have built on as I have become fitter. I have lost 15 kilos, improved my blood pressure levels and have so much more energy than before. My Consultant is very pleased with my weight loss and overall fitness. Koen is very encouraging, never overstretches my capabilities but knows when I am ready to take on more.

Koen has also given me good nutritional advice too. We have a had a few Cooking sessions in the kitchen and I enjoy incorporating his ideas into my daily diet.

On the whole, my lifestyle has improved enormously due to my fitness and nutritional regime, devised by Koen."

Jane, Arundel


"I'd suffered from extreme tennis elbow for eight months so had done no exercise and was feeling really out of shape. That was six months ago and with weekly or twice weekly work-outs with Koen I'm in much better shape and condition than I have been in years. I've taken up running (which I have never done before) and am about to do my first 5k race. I've found that the core-strengthening and conditioning exercises have made an enormous difference with many other activities such as skiing and horse-riding.

While I still want to lose more weight I am happy that I am now a dress size smaller and can get into jeans that I haven't worn in quite some while. I even bought a shapely 'little black dress' that would have been unthinkable before.

I find Koen responsive to what it is I want to achieve; adapting our programme as necessary. He pushes me to do better without making me feel bullied and keeps me motivated to continue. On top of all that we have fun and laugh."

Karen, Storrington


"It was September, when finally the children had returned to school after an exhausting summer. I stepped on the scales only to find that I had piled on the pounds, something had to be done! I had seen posters around the village for the Bootcamp in Cowfold and although I had no idea what to expect I thought I'd give it a go.

The Bootcamp took place Mondays and Fridays on the Village Green and like me the other participants were ready and willing to try something new to improve their fitness levels and lose a few pounds. The sessions lasted 45 minutes and combined running, resistance exercises with weights, boxing and games. I felt really motivated by Koen and genuine encouragement from the rest of the group. It was good fun and hard work but after each session I felt exhilarated, energised and loved being outdoors. After the 4 week block I had lost most of the weight that I had put on over the summer, I'm now a regular at the bootcamp and would encourage anyone to give it a try."

Jane, Cowfold

" I have thoroughly enjoyed your Bootcamp sessions. When I don't feel like exercising, I know that all I have to do is turn up, because Koen will give me my motivation and keep me going when I would naturally want to stop. This, added to the camaraderie with my fellow boot-campers, equals an excellent feel-good factor. The sessions tick all the boxes for what I want out of an exercise regime and I never fail to walk away without a big smile on my face. Keep up the good work, you provide an excellent balance of structured exercise (pain) and pleasure!"

Charlie, Twineham